Number of facilites per year receiving EPA inspections and evaluations

∗Statistics from EPA 2010 Annual Results

Michigan Out of Date Inventory Disposal

Out of date, expired, and return inventory is a problem that most shops run into on an annual basis. Throughout the year miscellaneous latex paint, aerosol, bond breaker, ink, caulking tubes, batteries, light tubes, epoxies, corrosive cleaners, oxidizers and flammable materials accumulate in the average shop and can not be thrown in the trash.

This out of date, expired, or returns inventory can still be disposed of under the Conditionally Exempt Generator (CEG) program as long as your shop has not generated more then 220 lb per month or 2200 lb at one time. WasteXpress field techs will take a detailed inventory of your different waste streams, prorate each waste stream buy gallon, package per DOT and RCRA regulation and remove the waste from you work sight. Most of our competitors will charge you a full gallon rate based on container size, but Advanced Environmental is willing to spend the extra time to insure you are not paying extra for waste that you actually do not have.

Advanced Environmental Services works with vendors who are seeking reclaimed industrial by-products. To meet our vendor's demands, Advanced Environmental purchases qualified industrial by-products based on the following parameters: quantity, composition and a representative sample. Chemicals that may not qualify for our reuse program may be good candidates for our Distillation program. We have several options to manage your industrial by-products.

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