Advanced Environemntal Services (AES) is West Michigan's hazardous waste disposal, air quality and water compliance company.

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Professional Waste Management

Advanced Environmental Services disposes of all regulated and hazardous wastes.

Environmental Compliance Training

Additionally, we provide: analytical testing, EPA, DEQ, and OSHA compliance and training services.

Electronics Recycling and Disposal

We are now offering e-waste solutions, allowing you to dispose of your electronic business waste. Please contact us directly for e-waste details.

Lake Michigan

Our clients include manufacturing facilities, government agencies, schools and health science industries. Together we keep Michigan's air and water clean.

Marty Beemsterboer
Owner, Advanced Environmental Services

Training for new 2021 EGLE, OSHA, EPA regulations for your safety and compliance leaders

Covid-friendly on-site and virtual trainings are available now!

Serving Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Battle Creek, Holland, Kalamazoo and Lansing areas

Popular Waste Management Questions

Do you handle EPA and DEQ regulatory permits and reporting?

Yes! Stop worrying about forms and paperwork. You will love the easy process of reviewing reports and documentation we prepared with the correct information regulators need and delivered before your reporting deadlines.

EGLE (formerly MDEQ): Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy
EPA: Environmental Protection Agency

Do you pick up hazardous and regulated waste?

We offer hazmat and regulated pickup and disposal on a weekly West Michigan route starting in Grand Rapids. Rain or shine you can expect a clean truck with safe, experienced crew at your facility to document and collect waste.

You can call or write for   one-time, weekly or monthly disposal.

Can you take care of our annual Environmental Compliance Audit?

Our consultants can meet with your team virtually or on-site to begin the audit research and planning. Our team will review your waste management processes and past compliance documentation in preparation for a on-site inspection of facilities and equipment. The audit will be delivered to your leadership team including recommendations for improved cost efficiency and lower environmental impact.

Your Annual, Due-diligence and Incident Response audits

What about Holding Tank and Filter Inspections?

A professional inspector can visit your facilities if you have a concern or reporting deadline. We also inspect holding tanks and fluid or air filters during scheduled transportation and removal of your solid and liquid haz or regulated waste.

We will inspect your Liquid and Air Filters
We can monitor your tank levels, pressure and composition
Storm water runoff in Michigan lakes and rivers


Emergency Planning and Response

Emergency plans are the best way to educate your management teams about risks to your organization which leads to useful training and preparation that avoids most emergencies from happening. Accidents can still occur and you can call us for specialized analysis, containment, remediation and disposal.